403b Training Sessions

O.K. here we go… It's time to get you motivated in starting or increasing your 403b contributions. Just like any good educator I am going to lay this out for you in a simple outline and hopefully you will grasp the concept of how My403bCoach.com can make this process easy and fun.

Lesson 1:  A 10 minute brief introduction of how My403bCoach.com can help you and your family. I know time is everything and you are welcome to end the conversation with me at any time during this quick 10 minute consultation if you think this process is not for you. All I ask is for you to be honest with me and yourself. I will not take it personally. I want to educate you and give you my 18 years of experience.

Lesson 2: If you would like to continue, your coach will then guide you through the process of how a 403b can work for you. Remember this is the NO B.S. Straight Talk about your 403b future. Your commitment to this process is so important to your financial success. It is your hard earned money that you will invest every month and My403bCoach.com realizes how precious it is, that is why it is our mission to help you save it and protect it from ever losing money.

Lesson 3: Get a FREE paycheck report where you and your coach will dive into your paycheck and discover:
• How your Federal and State tax deductions effect your paycheck
• How to start investing 10% of your gross income and start paying yourself first
• Final analysis and recommendations of your paycheck and final decisions of how much to start putting away

Lesson 4: How to fund your 403b and investment recommendations from your 403b coach. Here is where you and your coach will finalize your monthly contributions and research the appropriate 403b company for you. Every school district in California and around the country is different; however My403bCoach.com has established relationships with most school districts and has years of experience in working the ins and outs of the 403b system. (Warning! Do Not Attempt To Do This On Your Own. Get A Professional!)

Lesson 5: The Process: How to get started and have your 403b account set up within 48 hours or less. Here is the fun part and this is the area where it is your turn to act. All forms will be filled out and sent to you by your personal 403b assistant coach. You will be assigned a personal assistant coach in order to have all the forms filled out and sent to your school district's payroll and your new investment provider by your 403b assistant coach. Your personal 403b assistant coach will monitor your account and make sure that all forms are filled out properly and that you return them within 3 days.

Lesson 6: How to maintain your 403b and annual checkups with your 403b Coach. Starting your 403b is just the beginning. Your hard earned money needs to be monitored and My403bCoach.com will do that for you. Also you need to make it a habit to make an annual increase every anniversary or year and your coach and assistant coach will keep you posted.

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