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Welcome to the My403bCoach/John Bustum teacher and retire's tax special. For this years tax season we are running a special promotion for All New Clients ONLY. All new clients get the tax prepared for 50% off what they paid the previous year. There are no hidden fees, no extra costs, all forms and schedules required are included!

When it comes to teachers& retirees taxes it pays to hire an expert. We specialize in financial planning for teachers & retirees, and have for over 21 years.  We've prepared over 3,000 tax returns just for teachers and retirees.

You might think that taxes are taxes, but that's not actually true. Because we work so closely with teachers, we know all the right questions to ask, all the tax rules and all the best ways to reduce the amount of taxes that our clients have to pay year after year.

My 403b Coach Teachers & Retirees Tax Specialist Vs An Average Tax Preparer

My 403b Coach Teachers & Retirees Tax Specialist Average Tax Preparer

Full time year round tax advice

Has prepared Over 3,000 teachers & retirees returns

Is highly educated on all the legal tax deduction strategies just for teachers & retirees

Spends over 60 hours each tax year studying the tax code just for teachers & retirees

California #1 financial resource for teachers & retirees

Provides full time financial advice to help teachers and their familys reduce their tax bills

Works for teachers and retirees not the IRS…

FREE Paycheck Report.  Find out how to maximize your contributions and minize your tax liabilities…

Works with the world… anybody that walks into the door.

Does not know all the tax deductions for teachers

Part time or seasonal work

Spend little or no time studying tax code

Charges Per Answer… Very expensive and little if any financial advice..

  • All preparations are done electronically for a faster more accurate filing, and a quicker refund!
  • You don't even need to come in to see us; Get your taxes prepared as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Call or email us to introduce yourself.  We'll set up a new account for you and ask you a few simple questions

2. Scan, Snap or Fax copies of your last years returns (1040, 540, etc), and current tax forms (W2, 1099, etc) and send them along to us

3. We'll prepare your return and contact you with the good news about how much you're going to save.

To help you with your planning for next year, we provide a FREE Guide To Tax Deductions For Teachers.

To learn more about our Tax Services or to schedule an appointment, call us at: (714) 639-3234, email us at, or Contact Us through our website.