About Your Financial Coach…

Who Is John Bustrum?

After more than 23 years in working with educators and retirees to help them achieve financial success I decided it was time to spread the great news and this is the very reason I created www.my403bcoach.com

As an educator or retiree you now have a chance to learn from my experience of helping others just like you. You don't have to be alone in these often crazy, confusing world investments choices. I want to make a difference in your personal financial life and that is why I am offering my "Financial Coaching" to you. 

Coaching is all about diving deeper into one's current attitudes and beliefs and trying to make a change in order to better themselves and the ones that surround them. This is often done by hiring a mentor or coach to guide them and keep them on a straight path to financial success. Often this path can be full of potholes and obstacles, and the path will never be easy. Your coach is your partner and will help you sprint not walk through life. Life is way too short to stroll… Let's take a leap of faith and get ourselves in financial shape, so we can improve are quality of life and help improve our families and friends. 

My403bcoach is focused on helping educators and retirees do the one thing all should be doing. Investing for themselves. I will guide you in making the right decisions about your financial future. You can follow the coach's advice or you can use the coach as a tool or resource. There is never and obligation or forced pressure on you. You make the final decision!

403b coaching is designed to push educators and retirees around the country to get started and stay the path. The most successful people who have accumulated hundreds of thousands in their accounts did one thing very successfully. They invested first and increased every year and lastly they stayed the course for 30+ years. They did not invest in fancy complicated investments. They understood the value of true compound interest and eliminated all the bogus broker and fees that can be associated with 403b accounts.

The coach will warn you if you are a high roller and think that you should be making double digit returns every year then the My403bcoach is not for you. If you want safe recommendations and guaranteed returns then this is what you will get. If you want help and guidance then the coach can help. If you do it yourself and check your stock accounts every day then the coach is not going to work for you. I think the best solution is to be honest with my students and be up front.

There will always going to be negative people and we can never overcome their attitudes and from experience people will always try to bring you down with them. My403bcoach has always lived by the Mantra: Don’t be SNIOP by Others. Susceptible to the negative Influences of other people. Live Free and have Fun!!!

Here is just a brief idea of what you will get by working with the nation's top "Financial Coach" for educators and retirees – 

  • Straight Honest Discussions About Your Financial Situation.
  • Personal Paycheck Reports Prepared For You
  • How To Maximize Your Contributions And Minimize Your Tax Liabilities
  • How To Choose The Best "Safe Money" Investment For Your 403b Retirement Account
  • How To Keep The Retirement Dream Alive
  • Annual Personal Review
  • Always Have Access To The 403Coach To Discuss Your Personal Financial Situation
  • Discounts For Teachers And Their Families (Such As Tax Preparation, Insurance, Estate Planning, Etc…)

John D. Bustrum is the CEO and Founder of My403bCoach.com. A company dedicated to serving and educating educators and retirees throughout the United States. John has been in the tax and estate planning and financial services industry since 1993.

John Bustrum has helped hundreds of families establish 403b accounts and his current clients' assets well exceeding over $55,000,000.

John Bustrum is currently licensed in the state of California to prepare income tax returns. John has personally prepared over 3,000 tax returns for educators and their families. He has held his insurance license with the state of California for over 20 years (CA Lic #OB12357). John currently services hundreds of clients throughout Southern California and several other states.

John is regularly sought out by educator's and retirees to help them reduce their high income tax liabilities and help them devise sound financial strategies to protect and preserve their hard earned retirement savings.

"My vision is to create a virtual source for educators across the nation to come and get the straight facts regarding their 403b account options."

– John Bustrum 2014


John is married to the love of his life, Giselle, and has three children:

Jack (13), Emma (10) and Abby (7). John currently resides in Orange, California.
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