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Saving for a First Home

From there, you work backward, says John Bustrum, CEO and founder of My 403b Coach, a financial coaching institution. If you need $12,500 over the course of 60 months…..


100 best sales & marketing Ideas ever!

Niche Market – I have specialized in working with teachers for 18 years. Becoming a specialist in this niche market has allowed me to grow my business. This is still a very untapped market that is waiting to be serviced. I will never run out of new prospects.


7 Top Industries for Worker Satisfaction

Employees in this service industry do their best to help their employees solve problems. “I love working with families achieve their financial dreams,” says John Bustrum, CEO and founder of, which helps educators with financial management. “I love helping families prepare for their financial futures and at the same time protect their hard earned savings.”

Bustrum says the work is challenging, but interesting. “There is probably no greater joy than showing a first-year educator that if they stay in their career for 30 years that their retirement years can be amazing.”


10 Reasons to go Paperless

Easy access – John Bustrum, CEO and founder of, said going paperless many years ago transformed his business procedures. He said the biggest plus is the quick access he has to his clients' accounts.

"Information is literally at your fingertips," Bustrum said. "I no longer stockpile
files on my desk, and if a client calls into the office, the information is
easily accessible."


Sixteen Business Owners Avoid Summer Slump

"The first part of the year my firm prepares income taxes for educators and their families. It’s extremely busy and the customers have a deadline to get their taxes completed. The rest of the year our firm manages educators retirement accounts. The summer months can be difficult to get them to respond to your requests. So every summer we offer a free financial checkup – a quick 30 minute meeting where we get together to discuss how the year is going and to make suggestions to minimize their tax liabilities for the rest of the year. We also host free Educator Retirement Survival Boot camps. We provide a dinner and a short presentation to get the latest financial facts. We are also in the process of hosting bi-weekly webinars for educators around the country to attend."