Frequently Asked Questions About Webinars


Q   What are Webinars?

A      Short for Web based seminar, a webinar is a conference room based seminar, presentation or lecture; however, participants participate remotely via a computer.   


Q   How does a Webinar work?

A      All My 403b coach webinar sessions are FREE to attend and conducted entirely over the web with attendees registering their interest prior to the event. Once registered, instructions will be sent via email with a simple joining link and the webinar environment will load on the attendee's computer.


Q    What are the technical requirements to participate?

A   To access the webinar, attendees will need the following:

·   A computer

·   Internet Access (either cable or wireless)

o   Or a computer and a telephone. There is no special software. If multiple people will be viewing the webinar, you can project the screen using an interactive whiteboard or an LCD projector and screen. You will be emailed a private link to access the webinar.


Q    Is the webinar live?

A   Yes


Q    How long is a webinar?

A      All of our webinars are 30 minutes which consists of a 20 minute presentation/discussion and a 10 minute Q & A session.


Q    When are the webinars held?

A      Webinar live presentation times are held in Pacific Time. Actuall time is listed on the webinar registration page.             


Q    Once the webinar is over, will I have access to the materials and recording?

A      Yes all webinars will be available on site.