What To Bring To Your Tax Appointment



q Most Recent 2013/2014 Paycheck (To Verify Current Withholdings)

q Interest Income (1099) (credit union, bank, taxable interest)

q W-2 Statements

q Year End Investment Statements (403(b), IRA, 401k, other)

q Stock Sales-Dividends (brokerage statement, cost basis)

q Pension Distributions (1099-R) (IRA, annuities)

q Rental Property (income, expenses, property info)

q State Refunds (statements)

q Last Year’s Tax Return (First Year Clients Only)




q Mortgage Interest (1098)

q Property Tax

q Car Registration (licensing fee)

q Charity and Cash Donations

q Job-Related Expenses: Union Dues, Subscriptions, Prof Dues, Tools

                     For Job, Books, Teaching Supplies, Job Search, Conferences, etc.

q Education Expenses (i.e.: master’s, credential)

q Student Loan Interest

q Travel Related to Work (do not include regular commute)

q Auto Expenses Related to Work (mileage, auto fees)

q Charity Work

q Second Job or Business

q Home: Did You Sell, Buy, or Refinance?

q Medical / Dental Expenses (7.5% AGI)



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